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  • Healing
  • Empowering 
  • Medicinal 
  • Permaculture

Our mission is to provide high quality hemp flower to the CBD extraction lab marketplace in an economy of scale.  This mission is fueled by the drive to further the progression of the hemp industry through relationship and product development, equipment innovation and the introduction of effective systems of operation within the production and supply cycles.

The hemp plant has high potential to disrupt the way that we produce everything from pharmaceuticals to paper to concrete block for home construction. 


Premium Genetics For Viable Crop

The output is only as good as the input.  We partner with lead geneticists in the hemp industry to ensure that our crops pass the stringent inspection and compliance requirements of the Federal government, State authorities and Laboratories.  


Complete Farmer Support

  • Ground lease procurement
  • Planting service
  • Field Prep
  • Crop management
  • Harvest services
  • Drying 
  • Hauling
  • Consulting
  • Brokerage

Our knowledge, industry relations and advanced equipment give you the advantage and peace of mind you need in this new opportunity.  

For the 2019 grow season, we will be offering tours to select interested flower farmers of our 80 acre test plot throughout the year.

If you are interested in participating in one of these field days, please complete our contact us form.  


Our Promise to You

We are farmers helping farmers be successful in the hemp industry.  

Medicine Man Pharms will provide the resources to help you become successful in this exciting yet very risky segment of the farming industry. 

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