About Us


Proprietary Genetics

The key to success in any endeavor is the foundation it is built upon.  Our seed has been produced exclusively for and by us to ensure optimal growth, extraction and end use product.

Industry Leading Farmers

Medicine Man Pharms is owned and operated by a partnership of the best and brightest farmers in the Midwest.  We utilize environmentally conscience GAP in all areas of our production from greenhouses to packaging.  All of our field production is done in a no till cover crop to minimize erosion and nutrient amendment.

Gentle Harvest and Post Field Processing

We have found that gentle is the name of the game when it comes to harvesting and processing a hemp crop.  After all, we are only after the oil in the microscopic Trichomes.  From custom fingers on harvesting equipment to custom fabricated gentle drying equipment, we protect the precious terpene and cannabinoid profile that often times gets destroyed.

Good Manufacturing Partners

Our extraction and bottling partners are all GMP certified facilities.  We work hard to ensure optimum quality in the field, and only work with vendors that share the same commitment to the consumer.  Each vendor relationship is carefully selected to ensure scaled quality is achieved throughout our supply chain.